Video footage and rental cameras for the Jubilee in Rome

We offer our collaboration for the entire duration of the event by providing our cameras, our workers, our editing studio, our streaming platform with fast connection, our exposure room, and our virtual set.

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GIUBILEO: Offerta noleggio servizi Video

Servizio di qualità garantito per il Giubileo!

The Jubilee lasts one year and definitely will feature many events and attract the attention of all countries of the world. There will need to filming, updates, direct interviews, and video recording such as documentaries or news type. Having a base in Rome, in the center of Rome, is a unique opportunity that could save a lot of money. The fact that a Roman in Rome can move better than anyone else, and the fact of having also two-wheeled vehicles for traveling are not a trivial matter. Many cameras, from professional to broadcast, photo cameras and other equipment related to the shooting are a plus. Certainly a large television company will not need us, even though our experiences with SKY and RAI might suggest otherwise. Videomnia aimed primarily to small newspapers and Italian and international televisions that could save a considerable amount of money by sending only a journalist who would find everything he needs directly in Rome. Don’t you want to take your entire equipment from your country? Do you need a technician or an operator that carries a service? Do you want to do an interview in a television studio in Rome? Would you rent a video camera, a microphone, a set of lights? Do you need a car or motorcycle chauffeur to drive you around the city?

Chiedi un preventivo specificando quello che ti serve.

In our studio we can quickly assemble your videos or those filming taken with us, and send them anywhere with FTP.

Technological equipment of Videomnia

  • 2 Sony cameras 730 2 Sony cameras 750 3 Pix 240 multi standard Broadcast Monitor
  • Mobile Direction with Sony Mixer 750 AWS with the possibility of any measure of panels and Led Screens
  • Many kind of Sennheiser Microphones, and broadcast and professional microphone collars
  • Camtree LED kit of hot and cold lights of 1000 watts
  • Installation room, Virtual set, Cromakey Green and Blue screen
  • PMW Sony Cameras of series 100, 200, 300, Sony PWEX1, and Sony PWEX3
  • Vinten Tripods and Sachtler Steadycam PRO Editing room 3 ultrafast positions HD/SD

We know Rome and we’ll take you wherever you want without wasting time. Maximum assistance.